Friday, November 26, 2010

Chair Covers & Sashes

Today Linen Tablecloth had an amazing Black Friday deal-- 50% off chair covers and sashes! I purchased 140 white, polyester chair covers for $1.30 each and 140 pink satin sashes for $.43 each. That's $1.73 per chair!

In my area, to rent a chair cover and sash it is at least $3.50 per chair. Knowing this, I've been wanting to buy my own chair covers and sashes and sell them after the wedding to recoup the money spent on them.

I also bought a pink tablecloth for our cake table for $8.77.

We'll rent the white tablecloths for the guests' tables because I don't want to have to launder and try to sell 15+ tablecloths after the wedding.

Linen Tablecloth has pink polyester napkins for $.35 each, but most places rent out napkins for $.50 each, so we'll see what we do in the napkin dept.


  1. Great deal on the chair covers! We were able to get ours for $1.50 a chair, not too bad.


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