Thursday, May 5, 2011

Centerpieces-- Help me decide! Part II

Wow!  Thanks for all the feedback on the centerpieces!

I forgot about the other option.  So here's option #4...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Centerpieces-- Help me decide!

Yes, 52 days until my wedding {AHH! cue panic attack}, and I haven't decided what half of my reception centerpieces will be.  Oh, and they're DIY.

I know.  I'm ridiculous.

Ok, here are the choices!
Option #1
Pretend that I didn't run out of ribbon on the one and the ribbon is straight and pretty.

Option #2

Option #3
There is one votive candle inside each hurricane.

Don't worry, you can talk over these hurricanes.  My maid of honor, Natalie, and I have practiced.

Prepare yourself, I'm about to go into crazy detail about what our reception space 
will look like to fully inform you for your decision.

This is our reception space.

We'll be using round tables with white table linens.  We'll also have white chair covers 
and pink chair sashes.  Here's a not-so-great photo of one of the chairs 
{obviously with the cover and sash just taken out of the bag}.

Above the dance floor, which is in the middle of the room, we'll be hanging 30 pink, green, and white paper lanterns in varying sizes that we'll light up with battery-operated lights 
{like pictured above}.

The other half of the centerpieces will be floral arrangements that look like this, 
sans the petals and add votive candles.

Ok, so which one should I go with?

Bonus point: Can you guess which one would be the most budget-friendly to go with?
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