Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Brad and I are ready to celebrate our 2nd Christmas in our home! (We bought our first home in June, 2009.) I started putting decorations up the week before Thanksgiving and finished this week. Brad helped me put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving.

Our Christmas tree has been the same for the past 3 years. I like Christmas trees with a clear theme or style. Growing up, our Christmas tree always looked like a schizophrenic elf decorated it. The tree is still decorated in the same style to this day-- multicolor (blinking) lights, themed lights (bubble lights, poinsettia lights, santa lights, fire hydrant lights, etc.), garland, various ornaments. Your eyes just don't know where to focus.

Because I have to have my "styled" Christmas tree I put our sentimental/fun ornaments on our little Christmas tree in our entryway. I want to get an engagement ornament this year to put on the tree.

I did a blue and silver theme for our entryway table last year and this year. This year I added the white tree with blue lights that I've had since childhood. My late Aunt Pat made one for my brother and me when we were little and my mom used to put them in our bedrooms at Christmastime.

I was inspired by the branch centerpiece that Shelley, from the House of Smith, did this year as part of her Christmas decor so I decided to emulate it. :) She's so creative and inspiring! You have to check out her blog!

Small display on the random bookshelf in our living room.

Disclaimer: Please don't judge the standard tan paint. I know it's boring. :) I'm waiting until we get new living room furniture/after the wedding to paint the great room (light blue/gray).

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