Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moss Covered Initials & Ampersand

I finished our moss covered initials and ampersand this weekend!

I'll be sharing the tutorial at lovely little details this Thursday!

lovely little details {blog}

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ring Bearer Pillow & Garters

My parents came into town this weekend. My mom and I ran around getting fabric, ribbon, lace, flowers, and all sorts of goodies to make my ring bearer pillow and garters. Then we got to work.

My mom sewed the 8 inch by 8 inch pillow.
It was pretty basic, only we added the 2 inch pink, satin ribbon and 1 inch white, satin ribbon on the front of the pillow. We also added 2 inches of white ribbon on the backside of the pillow for the ring bearer to hold onto {keep that in mind!}. I attached the two ribbons and rhinestone button to the pink peony with hot glue. Then I attached the pink peony to the pillow with hot glue.

My mom also sewed the garters.

For my "something blue" and lace keepsake garter, she used 2 inch antique white satin ribbon, lace, 3/8 inch light blue satin ribbon, and 3/8 inch elastic.

I love it! And, it was so much cheaper than my $78 inspiration garter!

For my university-themed toss garter, she used 1.5 inch white grosgrain ribbon, 3/8 inch red satin ribbon, and 3/8 inch elastic. I love this one, too! I'll slip it in before the garter toss. Like the keepsake garter, it was much cheaper than the $58 inspiration garter!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We're on Canvas on Demand's website!

A month ago I used my Canvas on Demand Groupon {16x20 canvas for $45} to get one of our engagement photos printed on canvas.

After receiving the canvas, I decided to fill out the testimonial form on Canvas and Demand's customer showcase webpage.

Today, I got an email from them saying that our canvas is now showcased!

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