Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Shoe Quest Continues

The 4 pairs of shoes that I purchased from were sent back.

I ordered more shoes the other day-- this time from Zappos. I love Zappos because they always have free shipping and return shipping. And their shipping is FAST! The downside to Zappos is that they don't have coupons or sales often.

Here's my loot:

Vaneli Madora
I really like this shoe! It's very comfy and cute. I just wonder if they look too old-ladyish. (What do you think?) That and I really want blue shoes (these don't come in blue). From what I've read, if you get satin shoes dyed another color and they get wet you'll get water marks. I took an extra rhinestone button I had and laid it in the middle of the ruffles and it made the shoe pop.

J. Renee Dayna
This is a really cute shoe, but it was a little too tight in the toe area.

J. Renee Elisha Polka Dot
I got these on a whim. They're fun and different but the toe is way too pointy. I wish they were peep toe.

So far the Vaneli Madora is in the lead. However, I think I'll be sending the pair I got from Zappos back. The pair they sent me had a couple small stains on the shoes and glue showing on part of the ruffle. I think it's because I got the last pair of 11 wides. Go figure.


  1. wow i love them all but the 2nd pair is my favorite!

  2. i love the fun and sensible-part of the shoes of your choice.


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