Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The time my mom called me a "bridezilla".

I live 3 hours from my mom and step-dad, so I talk to my mom almost every day.

A couple months ago I was on the phone with my mom talking about wedding stuff. I don't even know the topic of wedding discussion, but after I had said my peace my mom said, "Ok, bridezilla." That pretty much ended our phone conversation.

When I hung up the phone the comment kind of stung. Was I being a bridezilla? Did I need to take it down a notch? After thinking about it I decided that, no, I wasn't being a bridezilla.

I've seen those girls on Bridezilla on WE. Chicks be CRAZY. Am I weighing-in my bridesmaids? No. Am I kicking people out of my wedding? No. Am I throwing a hissy fit if people aren't doing things on their "to-do" lists? No, because I'm not giving people to-do lists.

I came to the conclusion that my mom just wanted to be able to use the word "bridezilla" at least once during my wedding planning. That or she wanted to get me off the phone so she could go "watch her shows" because my parents have yet to invest in a DVR.

The next morning my mom called and apologized. She said that I wasn't being a bridezilla and that she was sorry. I told her it was ok and that I didn't hurt my feelings because I know I'm not a bridezilla.


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