Friday, November 26, 2010

Chair Covers & Sashes

Today Linen Tablecloth had an amazing Black Friday deal-- 50% off chair covers and sashes! I purchased 140 white, polyester chair covers for $1.30 each and 140 pink satin sashes for $.43 each. That's $1.73 per chair!

In my area, to rent a chair cover and sash it is at least $3.50 per chair. Knowing this, I've been wanting to buy my own chair covers and sashes and sell them after the wedding to recoup the money spent on them.

I also bought a pink tablecloth for our cake table for $8.77.

We'll rent the white tablecloths for the guests' tables because I don't want to have to launder and try to sell 15+ tablecloths after the wedding.

Linen Tablecloth has pink polyester napkins for $.35 each, but most places rent out napkins for $.50 each, so we'll see what we do in the napkin dept.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Shoe Quest Continues

The 4 pairs of shoes that I purchased from were sent back.

I ordered more shoes the other day-- this time from Zappos. I love Zappos because they always have free shipping and return shipping. And their shipping is FAST! The downside to Zappos is that they don't have coupons or sales often.

Here's my loot:

Vaneli Madora
I really like this shoe! It's very comfy and cute. I just wonder if they look too old-ladyish. (What do you think?) That and I really want blue shoes (these don't come in blue). From what I've read, if you get satin shoes dyed another color and they get wet you'll get water marks. I took an extra rhinestone button I had and laid it in the middle of the ruffles and it made the shoe pop.

J. Renee Dayna
This is a really cute shoe, but it was a little too tight in the toe area.

J. Renee Elisha Polka Dot
I got these on a whim. They're fun and different but the toe is way too pointy. I wish they were peep toe.

So far the Vaneli Madora is in the lead. However, I think I'll be sending the pair I got from Zappos back. The pair they sent me had a couple small stains on the shoes and glue showing on part of the ruffle. I think it's because I got the last pair of 11 wides. Go figure.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sigh. I could never be a "shoe girl".

I've always had to be a "purse girl". Why? Because I wear size 11 wide shoes. Yes, that means that during the summer I wear sandals and in fall/winter I wear Uggs.

I'm 5'10" so I'd like to think that it's my body's way of balancing everything out. My dad says it's because I always wear sandals so my feet just keep growing because they aren't being contained. Ha! Absurd.

Needless to say, my wedding shoe hunt has been interesting. I want to have blue shoes for my something blue. I need about a 2 inch heel so I won't be taller than Brad, and I need the 2 inches so I won't have to get my dress hemmed.

Last weekend had a Halloween 20% off sale. They always have free shipping and return shipping, so I decided to purchase 4 pairs of shoes.

Here's my loot:
Benjamin Walk Touch Ups--Dakin
My toes were smushed together in this pair. Plus, I tried to walk on my wood floors, and I just about did a face plant. Who makes bridal shoes with no traction on the bottom?

Benjamin Walk Touch Ups-- Nadia
I didn't care for these. The soles on this shoe and the Dakin were so stiff! Also like the Dakin, this shoe was like wearing a roller skate on my wood floors.

Colorful Creations-- Jackie
I wouldn't put these back on if you paid me. Well, I probably would, depending on how much you offered. These hurt the instant I placed them on my feet.

Dyeables-- Nicky
These were my favorite. However, the strap wouldn't stay up on my ankle. I'm thinking that I should look into Dyeables since these were the most comfortable of the 3 brands.

I have a feeling that I'm going to be sending all 4 pairs back. At least I'm making progress in the shoe department though!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Engagement photos!

Not only was my dress delivered yesterday, but our photographer posted our engagement photos last night! Double wedding whammy!

Here's a few! I love them!

My dress has arrived!

The UPS man delivered my dress yesterday! Here's your first look!

I couldn't believe that it fit in such a small box!

The time my mom called me a "bridezilla".

I live 3 hours from my mom and step-dad, so I talk to my mom almost every day.

A couple months ago I was on the phone with my mom talking about wedding stuff. I don't even know the topic of wedding discussion, but after I had said my peace my mom said, "Ok, bridezilla." That pretty much ended our phone conversation.

When I hung up the phone the comment kind of stung. Was I being a bridezilla? Did I need to take it down a notch? After thinking about it I decided that, no, I wasn't being a bridezilla.

I've seen those girls on Bridezilla on WE. Chicks be CRAZY. Am I weighing-in my bridesmaids? No. Am I kicking people out of my wedding? No. Am I throwing a hissy fit if people aren't doing things on their "to-do" lists? No, because I'm not giving people to-do lists.

I came to the conclusion that my mom just wanted to be able to use the word "bridezilla" at least once during my wedding planning. That or she wanted to get me off the phone so she could go "watch her shows" because my parents have yet to invest in a DVR.

The next morning my mom called and apologized. She said that I wasn't being a bridezilla and that she was sorry. I told her it was ok and that I didn't hurt my feelings because I know I'm not a bridezilla.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

Our cake baker is old school.

She doesn't do tastings. She only does white or chocolate cake. She only does buttercream frosting. She said she has the ability to recreate anything. She comes highly recommended by our caterer and DOC. She is cheap (~$1.75 per person).

I was sold.

I didn't care that she didn't make hazelnut praline or red velvet cake. I think most people go to weddings expecting chocolate and white and are happy with that.

I don't think people need fancy surprises. Last year I went to a wedding with lemon cake. I bit into my piece of cake thinking it was white, and I did the very unladylike thing and spit it back out onto my plate.

Did I mention that I don't care for lemon (unless it's in my water) and prefer to not be surprised by it?

I LOVED the fact that she only does buttercream frosting. It's the only way to go in my book. That whipped topping frosting is disgusting. Period.

I didn't care that she didn't work with fondant because I don't like fondant anyway. Yes, it's pretty but you can't eat it. I hate going to weddings where the cake has the layer of fondant and I'm trying to peel it off in the most ladylike way possible. (I still think it looks like I'm playing with my food.)

Moving on to my design idea... I L-O-V-E, LOVE Swiss dots. Our entire wedding cake will be covered in Swiss dots.

I'm still debating as to whether I want every tier to be round, or if I want to do two round tiers and two square tiers.

Since we'll have a cake topper and not flowers I want to add color somehow. I might see if our cake baker can add ribbon to the base of each tier like the picture above.

To make our cake table stand out I plan on using a pink or green tablecloth since all the other tables will have white/ivory tablecloths.
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