Monday, April 18, 2011

And They're Off!

I mailed our invitations on Friday!  

I know it's silly, but I wanted to get them out before the 3 cent postage hike.  That, and I just wanted to be done with them.  Our post office is super fast because I dropped them off Friday at 1:00PM and guests almost 200 miles away were getting them the next day!  Crazy!

Hometown Bridal Shower

I had my hometown bridal shower this weekend.  It was a held at what is basically the icon of our small town.  The home, built in 1861, is now known as "The Old Republic" but what was once the home of the Service family.  It is now used as a B&B and you can rent it out for events.  My dad actually lived in the house for a few years when he was younger.

The guests enjoyed wandering around and looking at all the rooms-- some were even adventurous enough to climb the stairs all the way up to the cupola.

My mom used small potted tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and roses as the centerpieces.  Then, the guests took one home as their favor.  I thought this was a wonderful and beautiful idea!

top left: My mom and me.
top right: Me, my great aunt Vera, second cousin Marie, second cousin Sue, and aunt Connie
bottom right: maid of honor Natalie, me, bridesmaid Melissa
bottom left: cousin Ashley, me, cousin Whitney

I have to tell the story of my Great Aunt Vera because I think it's such a lovely story.  She's originally from England.  My Great Uncle Tom was in WWII and met her in England.  They fell in love and married.  Uncle Tom sent her back to Indiana because he had to finish his tour, and my family met her at the train station for the first time.  Uncle Tom came back, and they started their family.  
To this day, she still has her English accent.  I love it!

My Maid of Honor, Natalie, came up with some pretty spectacular games.  Like the game where I wore an apron covered in tons of stuff and the shower guests had 5 minutes to "view" and remember everything I was wearing then write it all down after I left.  Yes, I'm sporting one of the basketball bikini tops that I fashioned for Natalie, our other sorority sister, Karen, and I in college {we got on the jumbo-tron at college b-ball games wearing those with tank tops on underneath, mind you}.  
I was crafty in college, too.  :)

The cake was delicious!  Half white with raspberry filling and half chocolate with chocolate mousse filling.  Yum!  

I got wonderful gifts-- a Kitchenaid mixer, china place settings, serveware, cake stand, cake decorating set, kitchen towels, glass pitcher, signing frame for the reception, toasting flutes, cake service set, gift basket, and casual barware!

It was a fantastic shower!  I had so much fun seeing and talking with everyone!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Flower Girl Basket

Whew!  I feel like I'm in a wedding whirlwind right now.  
I had my second dress fitting this afternoon!  I love my dress!  
But I still need to find a bustier and earrings to go with it. I decided that I'm not 
going to wear a necklace.

Last night I checked one more thing off my to-do list-- the flower girl basket!

I bought the pre-made basket at Hobby Lobby for $12 {with a 40% off coupon, of course}.

Then, I took the weird, ugly knot-bows off of it.  I just pulled them off-- nothing fancy.

This is where my lack of photos comes in.  I made a bow with 2 inch white, satin ribbon and glued it to the basket with hot glue.  Then, I took the silk pink peony, glued the rhinestone button to the center, and glued it on top of the bow.  Pretty simple and for less than $20!

Moss Covered Initials & Ampersand

Sorry for my lack of posts lately.  I've been in a mad dash to get our DIY invitations done 
{and the 10,000 other things on my wedding to-do list done}.

Here's the direct links to the moss covered letter tutorial and the mossy ampersand tutorial.

Let me know if you make these!  I'd love to see yours!
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