Friday, November 5, 2010

Sigh. I could never be a "shoe girl".

I've always had to be a "purse girl". Why? Because I wear size 11 wide shoes. Yes, that means that during the summer I wear sandals and in fall/winter I wear Uggs.

I'm 5'10" so I'd like to think that it's my body's way of balancing everything out. My dad says it's because I always wear sandals so my feet just keep growing because they aren't being contained. Ha! Absurd.

Needless to say, my wedding shoe hunt has been interesting. I want to have blue shoes for my something blue. I need about a 2 inch heel so I won't be taller than Brad, and I need the 2 inches so I won't have to get my dress hemmed.

Last weekend had a Halloween 20% off sale. They always have free shipping and return shipping, so I decided to purchase 4 pairs of shoes.

Here's my loot:
Benjamin Walk Touch Ups--Dakin
My toes were smushed together in this pair. Plus, I tried to walk on my wood floors, and I just about did a face plant. Who makes bridal shoes with no traction on the bottom?

Benjamin Walk Touch Ups-- Nadia
I didn't care for these. The soles on this shoe and the Dakin were so stiff! Also like the Dakin, this shoe was like wearing a roller skate on my wood floors.

Colorful Creations-- Jackie
I wouldn't put these back on if you paid me. Well, I probably would, depending on how much you offered. These hurt the instant I placed them on my feet.

Dyeables-- Nicky
These were my favorite. However, the strap wouldn't stay up on my ankle. I'm thinking that I should look into Dyeables since these were the most comfortable of the 3 brands.

I have a feeling that I'm going to be sending all 4 pairs back. At least I'm making progress in the shoe department though!

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  1. I could have written this post! I've got thirty purses, and about 5 pairs of shoes.

    BarefootTess has some cute shoes in our size. :)


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