Monday, July 18, 2011

The Wedding {Part Two}

Once I was ready, my photographer and I headed downstairs to the waiting limo.  Brad was on his way to our "First Look" location-- where we got engaged, with his dad.  For our "First Look" Brad was positioned inside the gazebo with his back turned to the direction I was coming from.  When everything was set-up by our photographers, I started walking towards Brad and our photographer told him to turn around.  When I got to Brad I remember asking him if he liked my dress.  He said yes.  I asked him if it was what he was expecting.  He said he thought I would go with something simpler.  Ha!

Brad and I took some photos in and around the gazebo.  Then, we went over to the Chemistry building for photos.  Soon our bridal party arrived in the limo.  We went around campus taking photos at various locations for a little over 2 hours.

We arrived at our wedding location around 4:00PM.  I say wedding location because we had our ceremony and reception at the same location.  Many members of our families were already there for photos before the ceremony, which was at 5:30PM.  We took photos with my side of the family and relaxed a little bit.  My bridesmaids went to work to get the dirt marks off of my dress from taking photos.

A little before 5:00PM the bridesmaids and I went into hiding in our reception room while guests started to arrive.  Then it was time to line up for the ceremony.  The music started... and to my horror it started to cut out as the grandparents and mothers were being seated.  I remember looking at my Maid of Honor, probably with my eyes bulging out of my head.  She looked at me and reassured me, "It's fine.  Don't worry.  He'll fix it" (meaning the DJ).  The music a couple more times, and I flinched.  Why was this happening?!  It cut out again as my bridesmaids started to go down the aisle.  My day-of coordinator finally looked at me and said, "I hope he fixes this and it doesn't cut out while you're walking".  Luckily, he did fix the problem-- the music didn't cut out as I walked down the aisle with my dad and step-dad.

Our ceremony went smoothly.  Well, except for me having to have our officiant repeat 2 lines of our vows for me.  I had the worse case of cotton mouth.  It was so hard to talk.  All I wanted was a glass of water.  After I messed up the first time, I thought that I was repeating everything wrong.  Brad was sure to remind me later that he said everything perfectly, and I was the one who goofed.

After the ceremony, Brad and I, along with our bridal party and parents went back into the reception room.  Everyone said congrats and gave us hugs.  We signed our marriage license.  I drank some water.  Then, it was time to move on to photos with Brad's family, followed by cocktail hour and the reception!


  1. Look at those DIY's!!! YAY!
    Your dress is wonderfluous, my dear. Just amazing.
    Are you still sore over the music? We had music issues that did NOT get resolved. The flower girls got to walk out to MY music... yeah. I'm rubbing the bruise still on that one.

    Everything looks picture perfect and I bet everyone loved it!

  2. the moss initials are perfect!!! i love the clarity in the photography, it is all so beautiful! you look gorgeous :)

  3. and your DOC should have been scurrying over to the DJ telling him to fix it, not warning you that she hoped it wouldnt happen to you!

  4. Thanks, ladies!

    @hilljo-- Yeah, kinda. I watched the wedding video with my mom the other day, and I still cringed when the music was cutting out. Sorry about your unresolved music issues. Don't they say that nothing ever goes perfectly at your wedding?

    @jacin-- I honestly think she would have and she was contemplating it, but she was behind the doors with the bridal party and me. If she would have walked out of the room we were in it would have looked strange because most of the guests were turned around looking to see who was coming out of the room.

  5. love this. these turned out BEAUTIFUL. I think the first one, from first look is my favorite. :)

    and the one with the secret service style glasses and pose.

    you are a beautiful bride! thanks for sharing!

  6. i'm sorry to hear about the dj but i'm glad it didn't happen while you were down the aisle! i love all your pics too. everything is so pretty :)

  7. I can't remember if I said this already, but I'm obsessed with your bouquet!


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