Sunday, July 24, 2011

Etsy Wedding Finds

Etsy is a wonderful place to purchase unique and/or custom items for your wedding.  Especially if you're looking to add extra personal touches to your day.  From wedding gowns to invitations you can find almost anything wedding-related on Etsy.

our guest book tree with some placed leaves... it filled up well in the end
I wanted to be able to display our guest book instead of putting it in a box and never looking at it again.  However, I didn't feel comfortable doing the thumbprint guest book tree because I didn't want to creep out my guests by asking for their finger print so this was my compromise.

The leaves are self-adhesive.  Guests sign the leaves and stick them onto the tree.  I highly recommend having guest book attendants to aid guests in the process.  You are going to be hanging this on your wall and you don't want a wonky looking tree.

The custom guest book tree I purchased is made by Absinthe Custom Printing.  

I wanted to have a custom wedding gown label because I thought it was a fun tradition.  I purchased a quatrefoil label with my initials and our wedding date.  I went with the quatrefoil because it's the symbol of my college sorority.  My seamstress sewed it into the bottom side seam of my dress in case I wanted to show it to someone at the wedding.

The custom wedding gown label I purchased is made by Initial Impressions.

I always wanted to wear a flower in my hair.  Choosing the right flower was the hardest decision for me-- the right color, size, look...  I finally went with a 4" peony (my favorite flower) made of white silk and white sheer with a rhinestone center.

The hair flower I purchased is made by Silver Pencils.

our guests loved our cake topper -- most had never seen one like ours
I wanted a customized topper that looked like Brad and me. And I couldn't forget Jack. After searching for a while I stumbled upon Lynn's Little Creations.

Lynn makes custom toppers starting at $65 for the couple (add $5-$10 per pet, depending on size). Most custom toppers I've seen are easily $100-$500+.

I wanted to get our program and guestbook attendants a little something to say thanks for being part of our special day.  I decided on rose resin earrings because I think they're cute and fun.

I purchased their earrings from Once Upon A Peony.  

For our favors, we gave our guests sugar cookies from Brad's favorite hometown bakery.  They had our college Alma mater's symbol airbrushed onto them. To seal the bags, I purchased these custom stickers from MAU Promos.

I also purchased our cookies bags from an Etsy seller.  I mostly bought them because I didn't have to buy 1,000 and they are BOPP (biodegradable, FDA approved for packaging food items; oil and grease resistant; water vapor, gas, and aroma barriers).

To see what size bag would work best for the cookies I was able to order a sampler package of bags from the same seller for less than $3, which was great.

I purchased my resealable BOPP flat cello bags from Artistic Ephemera.


  1. ooh i love this post! i'm definitely going to look into the embroidery :)

  2. Great post, you def. had some amazing Etsy finds!

  3. Beautiful picks! Love all of these things :)


  4. I am SO JEALOUS of your cake topper!!! I wish I had known about that! I would have loved to have our pets on there with us! Too cute!!

  5. Wow these are some seriously awesome touches! Looks/sounds like your special day was gorgeous!

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  7. I love these etsy finds. I'm of to etsy to see what I can find myself :)


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