Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tall Centerpiece Mock-Up

I made a mock up of my possible tall centerpiece.

Here's the details: manzanita branch with 4 miniature crepe paper rose pomanders (made with Christmas ornaments I wasn't using) and 4 crystal/pearl hangy things I made in a terra cotta pot (I would paint it brown though, so picture it brown) with moss.

It's 26-27 inches, but I think with some more finagling I can add a few more inches.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Please be honest! :)


  1. Those look SO pretty! I love the branches they are so nice and the poms add a nice touch :)

  2. Those are really pretty! The poms look very delicate.

  3. you made those??? they look amazing!!!!!

    she said yes!

  4. Those are SOOO cute! Have you put them in the middle of your kitchen table and sat across the table from someone? Can you still see them/talk to them? That's one thing that I hate about centerpieces, especially at weddings... when they are pretty, but get in the way of conversation. Great job!!!

  5. Hi Chelsea! Did you make the crepe paper flowers? Love it!

  6. @ Alisha-- Yup, I made the crepe paper roses! I'm making much larger versions to decorate the aisle at our ceremony.


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