Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pretty Program Box

I finished our program box tonight. I started it yesterday so this has been my fastest DIY project so far. Yay!

I was inspired by this program box/card box that I found on Etsy a few months ago (FYI, the seller, Shea Chic Designs, has evidently filed for bankruptcy recently. She didn't send a ton of buyers their purchases and owes many of them money. Not good.). Now, back to happy thoughts of DIY!

I used the same green paint that I used for my card box. I also used the same kind of pink peony that I used for my topiaries, except I edited it a bit to get it to lay more flat.

My supplies:
10" paper mache box (JoAnn Fabric)
Paint (Lowe's)
Sponge brush (Lowe's)
Silk peony (JoAnn Fabric)
Ribbon (JoAnn Fabric)
Rhinestone button (JoAnn Fabric)
Double-sided tape
Glue gun & glue

1. Paint the inside and outside of the paper mache box. 2-3 coats is best. Allow for ample drying time in between coats.

2. To get the flower to lay more flat, carefully cut out the first layer of clear pieces inside the flower that lift the petals. If needed, apply double-sided tape in between some petals and adhere petals to one another in order for them to lay flat.

3. Cut the yellow center off of the flower.

4. Cut the button part off the back of the rhinestone button.

5. Apply glue to the center of the peony.

6. Stick the rhinestone button onto the glue and hold in place while it dries.

7. When paint is dry on box, begin applying ribbon, securing with double-sided tape.

8. Make bow by cutting approximately 20 inches of ribbon. Make two big loops with the ribbon.

9. Secure the loops with small bead lines of glue at each lower fold and/or where the two pieces of ribbon meet.

10. Glue the peony to the bow.

11. Glue the bow/peony to the box on top of the ribbon.


  1. OMG...loves it! I think you use a rhinestone peony like that for your headpiece or something like it. :)


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