Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eeny Meeny Miny Mo

Sometimes I wonder if I'm completing my DIY projects too soon. What if I get all them done by Christmas and I have nothing to do from January to June?! Yes, this is a thought that crept into my mind today. I know. Ridiculous.

So I'm on to my next DIY projects. I just need to choose what to do next.

I want to decorate the aisle with pomanders. I was planning on doing moss pomanders, but then I came across these gorgeous crepe paper pomanders (from House of Smiths-- awesome blog!). That pink one would look ah-mazing with a beautiful green ribbon hanger and bow. This project looks like it would take a while too, so that would help with my finishing-my-DIY-projects-too-soon phobia. Hmmm...

I want to make a "Just Married" parasol. I have the parasol. It was free. FI's youngest brother had a big party this summer and some girl left it behind and never retrieved it. Score. So if I royally mess it up I won't be as mad at myself since I'm not financially attached to the parasol. :)

I think I've changed my mind about putting a wreath on the fireplace. Instead, I think I want to put giant moss covered letters (FI and I's initials and an ampersand: C & B) on the mantel.

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  1. Such great ideas -- what a beautiful location where are you getting married?


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