Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chair Covers, Sashes, and Overlays. Oh My!

I've seen my venue with chair covers and without chair covers. I've decided that it makes a significant difference.

Without Chair Covers:

With Chair Covers:

I'm still debating what to do in this department, but I'm heavily leaning towards buying everything instead of renting. I've looked around my area and it's roughly $3.25 to rent a chair cover and sash. So for 125 guests that's $426.25 (not including if they have a delivery/set-up charge and tax). I've also looked online. At, they sell white, polyester chair covers (pictured at right) for $1.99 each. They have free shipping with orders over $50, so I wouldn't have to pay shipping. They also sell pink organza sashes, 10 for $7.49 ($.75 each) or satin sashes, 10 for $9.49 ($.95 each). Let's say I go with 125 chair covers and the organza sashes. For 125 guests that's $346.12. I'd be saving $79.13, and I could sell the chair covers and sashes after the wedding to another bride and recoup some of my costs.

I also found some great linens at They sell their organza sashes for $.69 each. They also have very pretty crinkle taffeta sashes that I would love to have. They're $1.29 each.
Here are some more sashes and sash prices from
Polyester sashes: $1.19 each
Satin sashes: $.85 each
L'Amour Satin sashes: $1.49 each

I need to figure out the look I'm going for before I make a big decision and purchase on linens. But here are some of my inspiration pics so far. (I can't decide if I want to go with pink or green sashes.)


  1. go with green.that the colors i'm going green its beautiful for the summer

  2. Did you end up selling the chair covers? I am interested! I need them for August 6th!

  3. Hi johns24s, I haven't sold them yet so they're still up for grabs! Email me at if you're interested!


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