Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bargain Shopper

I credit my frugal mother for instilling the value of never paying retail price for items. Love that sweater? Don't worry, it'll be on sale next weekend. That's what she would always tell me and usually she was right.

Obviously I've used this value in my wedding planning abilities when possible (lets face it, I can't use a coupon for all our vendors). My frugality mostly comes into play with my DIY projects. I've frequented various websites and stores to find certain items for my projects.

  • I found a former bride selling 28 clear cylinder vases from her wedding for $3. I met her in the parking lot of a local university and made the transaction.
  • I found another bride selling manzanita branches from her wedding for $4 each. I went with my MOH to the bride's mother's house to pick up the branches.

  • I decided to branch out one night and search the Chicago Craigslist postings since my MOH lives in Chicago, and I try to go up there as much as possible. I ended up finding a bride who was selling $18 table number holders for $15 (these little puppies would have cost me ~$40 from the store). My MOH graciously agreed to meet her at a Starbuck's to make the transaction for me.
  • I LOVE those little 50% off and 40% off regular retail price coupons. I always have them in my car. Seriously.
  • I bought all of my votives from Michael's. 50% off, of course. 12 for $3.99.
  • Things I've purchased from Michael's: circular hole punches, scrapbook paper, ribbon, styrofoam ball (for topiary), aisle runner ($15! 50% off coupon!).
JoAnn Fabric
  • I wish JoAnn dished out the 50% off and 40% off coupons like Michael. Prude. Oh well, I still frequent her store... with my 40% off coupon in hand.
  • Things I've purchased from JoAnn's: ribbon, paper mache boxes, silk pink peonies.
Hobby Lobby
  • Love the 40% off regular retail price coupons from Hob Lob. They run good weekly sales as well. Watch the fine print though, today I tried to buy a wooden Halloween sign thinking it was 50% off, but Halloween products made from wood weren't included. Looks like I'll be going back for my "Trick or Treat" sign later...
  • Things I've purchased from Hobby Lobby: ribbon, styrofoam ball (for topiary).
  • Watch those end-cap clearances! I found 8 packs of floating candles for $2.78 each and 6 packs of large unscented tealights for $1.74 each.
  • I haven't purchased anything for the wedding from Goodwill... yet. Stroll down their glassware and houseware aisles. They usually have great vases for $.99 to $2.99. I see a lot of Mason and Ball jars too.
  • Watch for their sales too! Today it was 50% off Saturday. Everything in the store was 50% off!
Paper Lantern Store
  • I bought my paper lanterns from here. I think they have pretty good prices.
Dollar Tree
  • Where everything costs $1!
  • I bought some clear, cylinder vases and styrofoam from DT.

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