Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who needs table numbers when you can have table names?

I decided a long time ago to name our tables instead of numbering them.

I've seen people name their tables according to years {1999} and then have a photo of the bride and groom from that year at that table. I thought this was a cute idea until I thought more deeply about it. You see, I was a very heavy child/teenager and ultimately lost 85 pounds in high school. I'd rather not have to talk about my "hefty years" at my wedding. Hmm, I could do this and just leave out 1992-2002. Haha!

Ready for a flashback?
{That's me in 2000.}

OK, back on track now...

I've also seen people name their tables "love", but in different languages.

Different types of wines.

National parks.

The possibilities are endless!

I decided to name our tables after places that Brad and I visited together. We've been on 2 cruises together {Alaska and Caribbean} so that knocks out a good amount of places. Right?

Well, we're hoping for 120-125 wedding guests. That's 15-16 tables, thus 15-16 table name cards.

Right now, I only have 11 places. Well, I only have 11 photos of us in 11 places. We've visited more places than those 11, but there are no photos. Make sense?

Would it be weird if we had a table named after the city that we currently live in but we did something really cool together in the city {toured the new NFL stadium before it opened}?

Or if we named a table after the city where we attended college and where the wedding and reception will take place? We did LOTS of stuff together there! :) It is where we met...

I told Brad that perhaps we should look into taking some day trips...

Anyway, I'm crafting these puppies in Photoshop, and I'll have them printed and cut at FedEx Office. I got 18 chrome plated table number holders from another bride that I found on Craigslist. I'll design, print, and attach the menu on the backside.


  1. Very nice! We're also planning to do table names instead of numbers! We're doing different surf spots!

  2. You could always do your home towns, place you live now, and maybe a place you want to go if you need more places.
    We were going to do this, but we don't have pictures from every where we've been :(

  3. I think you could use ANY city that has significance to the two of you. You could add a small caption on the table name cards that talks about why you chose it.

    I thought about doing this, but we are going to have 40 tables, and that's SOOOO many, but I was going to do something like naming a table The Twin Cities and having the caption be "Jason ran the Twin Cities Marathon in October 2009 and Lexi was there to cheer him on in the cold and rain" or something like that. Maybe you could add that to your name cards!

  4. i was going for table names too but then i decided it against it...yours look fantastic!

  5. I love table names because it gives such a PERSONAL feel with the couple :) great choice! cant wait to see what else you do!! so going to follow!

  6. I love your table names. How did you get the background and your monogram on there? I would love to do the same thing but with different colors and our logo.


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