Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wedding Band{s} & A Little Photoshop

We're finally getting around to ordering our wedding bands.
We got my engagement ring from one of Brad's fraternity brothers that is a jeweler,
so we're going back to him to get my wedding band.

I'm getting Brad a tungsten wedding band that I got with a Groopdealz.
{$60 for a $200+ ring? I think yes.}

My engagement ring comes with a matching wedding band.

The problem is that I don't like how it curves around the center.
I'm a big fan of symmetry and that clearly isn't symmetrical.
I thought about the possibility of getting two of those bands to make it symmetrical,
but I think it would be too much and take away from my center stone.

So I started playing around in Photoshop.

First, I edited the original photo and got rid of the curve.
Hmm, not bad.
MUCH better than the original.

Then, I played around some more and added another band on the other side...

I love how this looks.
It's what I've always envisioned.

I emailed the Photoshopped pics to Brad,
and he's going to forward them to his fraternity brother to see what he can come up with.
Fingers crossed that he can make it happen {and for a good price}!


  1. That is so pretty! I love it with two bands!

  2. Gorgeous Chels! I'm getting a tungsten ring for Bobby too...which one did you decide on for Brad?

  3. I bought my husband a tungsten ring ( )for his wedding band also. I got it from a site called Tungsten World. They had some really interesting styles and great service.

  4. i love this look!!!!!!! boyfriend and i just started looking at engagement rings (blogged about it quick here hehe: and I love the halo style, but was like you and didn't know what to do for the band. love your idea!!

  5. You are so good at photoshop ;) Love the ring design

  6. very impressed...I completely agree about the curved band, what you've designed is better and sooo pretty!


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