Monday, January 24, 2011

Registering- Macy's

Brad and I went to Macy's on Sunday to register. We had fun, but I had to rationalize with Brad at times. Thank goodness I was in charge of the scanner!

We had to stop and talk when he wanted me to scan the $100 Sharper Image table top wine chiller {our fridge does a fine job chilling my wine}.

Then, I had to explain why I thought asking for a $240 Keurig coffee maker was a little crazy and the coffee is expensive, thus making it expensive for us after the wedding {we've been using a $25 Hamilton Beach for 3 years and Brad complains about how Dunkin Donuts coffee is so expensive--$7.49 a bag}. We compromised on a Cuisinart for a fraction of the price of the Keurig.

I decided on the "metallic chrome" KitchenAid 5-quart artisan stand mixer. I'll proudly be displaying it on our counter-top {if we receive it} so I wanted it to go with our kitchen no matter the decor. We also registered for extra KitchenAid bowls. I heard from other brides that this is a must.

Brad really wanted the ice cream maker attachment for the KitchenAid.
I said OK.

I love Martha Stewart blue, so I went a little crazy and scanned pretty much everything in the glorious color-- measuring cups, measuring spoons, spatulas, a batter bowl, colander, spoons, biscuit cutters...

I love this cake stand and dome.

Nice down pillows. :)

Down comforter.

We won't be registering for formal china. It will barely be used, and I don't have anywhere to put all of it.

I'm debating as to whether to register for casual dinnerware or not. I really like Martha Stewart's Lisbon Collection, especially because I could mix it in with regular white dinnerware. Hmmm...


  1. i loved macys but to be honest, switched it all over to bed, bath & beyond because all the exact same items were at BBB for a smaller price! and, people get the 20% off coupons all the time :)

    but you have to love the scanning experience over there :)

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! I just compared the prices of some of the things and there were some crazy price differences. I think I'll be switching some things over to BBB.

  3. Ah, I love the scanner...I want to get married just to scan items :) I've heard great things about the ice cream addition to the kitchenaid, so I hope you get that. I love frozen yogurt :)


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